Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I need to sneeze.

Allergies suck, lets just say that. I feel like there is pressure on my bladder, yet I just went pee, weird. I went to school today, May 13 can't come soon enough!!! I am ready to bored my cruise ship. Then I went to a mandatory class at amr, snooze fest, I got my recert papers, I am good for yet another 2 years of saving lives :) and then I went to the book store, fun stuff. Bought my boy toy a book (shut it sarah). Spent a good chunk on time on the phone with my buddy who is an nhp officer. Oh, I sent an ambulance of to sarah's sister's house cuz she was feeling dizzy and stuff, I told our dispatch she was my sister and she was home alone with her kiddos, close to the truth. Now I am home, going to leave and babysit the coolest 6 month old baby I know, I refer to her as Olive. I can't decide if I should watch the movie "the box" or not. I got it free from redbox, but I must return it by 9 pm, or it's gonna cost me a dollar. Decisions, decisions.

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