Thursday, March 25, 2010

O.M.W.M./best day of my life!

Today the oscar mayer weinermobile came to my store, it was awesome. I dressed up as a hotdog and took lots of pictures. I may or may not have aquired several weiner whistles, I can neither confirm or deny that. I didn't go to bed until 1:30 am after I got off work at 1, and then I had to be to work at starbucks this morning at 7:30. I'm pooped. I should really shower now though, I am going shopping with my bestest friend in an hour. I sold hotdogs today after the weinermobile left our store, I didn't really enjoy it. It is harder to work in that costume then you might think, it really slows me down. I had to work starbucks in it for 30 minutes while my manager went to lunch, ugh, that was annoying. "why are you a hotdog?" I was annoyed after 5 minutes. Plus it is really annoying when you need to pee in that costume, not exactly easy access you know.


  1. Bet you still made record time though. :)

  2. Who's Michael P? He commented on my blog too.